The Production Masters BV was founded in January 2000 and ever since we have been able to do our work in the full width of the events market. From stadium shows and festivals, through television sets and award shows to corporate events and site productions.


TPMĀ is a full-service company and can therefore take care of the production from the beginning to the end. TPM is completely independent of suppliers.

TPM always works with the right supplier and are able to put together a production which is especially geared to your situation, project and budget.

It also gives us the possibility to compare prices between different suppliers and this way clients of TPM get the most competitive rates and the best service.


The core element of what we do is technical production or technical coordination. Together with our clients we translate creative ideas and wishes into technical reality. We do this as an intermediate between the organizer of an event and the suppliers who supply the technical facilities. These are not just suppliers of lights, sound, rigging, video, show control and set but also of power, toilets, fencing, climate control, safety equipment etc.


Artists Managements, Tour- & local promoters in The Netherlands, UK, Germany and Austria choose TPM for:


  • Promoter production representative services
  • Full service tour- & event production for any venue size and budget
  • Stage & Set design
  • Supplying all technical equipment (Sound / Lights / Rigging / Catering)
  • Supplying transport, trucking, crew, staff and logistics
  • Pre-production estimates to subsequent calculations and budgets
  • Coordination between tour production, management, promoter and venues


TPM works with market leading industry specific experts and third-party suppliers to ensure service excellence.